Portfolio > Floodplain|uᴉɐldpoolℲ

Latex, paint palimpsest, Mississippi mud, textile remnants

Hollow shells of household furniture and architectural fragments: a nightstand, armchair, fireplace mantle, etc. fill the rooms. Each object is doubled: with one half displayed upright and the other draped upside-down, at times puddling into the floor below. Reminiscent of water reflections, each object is a mirror of itself. Adorned with mud from the Mississippi River and textile remnants, the upside-down sculptures are the residual. Deteriorating shells of a former object/self. After the flood. The top sculptures represent the ethereal memory of a stability that once was. Pre- and post- flood simultaneously, the doubles meet to create an implied horizon: anchoring the past and present. A pause to reflect before what’s to come.

Floodplain|uᴉɐldpoolℲ considers our fragile relationship to nature, the ever-changing landscape of our built environment, and how this affects our memory, ideas of stability, and self.

Project Row Houses
Southern Survey Biennial: Round 54
October 9, 2022 - February 12, 2023
Houston, TX