Portfolio > Fractured Horizons for Open Spaces Biennial in Kansas City, MO. Curated by Dan Cameron 2018

for Open Spaces Biennial in Kansas City, MO. Curated by Dan Cameron
Fractured Horizons

Fractured Horizons is comprised of three outdoor sculptures inspired by silhouettes of dilapidated homes in St. Louis at nightfall. Stud frames outline sections of a domestic interior (i.e. door frames, window openings). The walls are cut into angled and jagged “horizon lines” along their tops and edges. Each sculpture is wallpapered on the east facing facade with floral patterns in colors that echo a sunset at different times of the evening. The west facing facade is covered with reflective material to mirror the sky at sundown. Using re-purposed materials to capture textural impressions of old houses and related architectural structures, sculptor Carlie Trosclair seeks to develop new topographies and material narratives that highlight the structural and decorative shifts that evolve over the lifespan of a single building. Born in New Orleans and the recipient of an MFA from Washington University in St. Louis (where she currently resides), Trosclair approaches her subjects through a lens of reordering and discovery, resulting in visually responsive installations that encourage viewers to confront the organic life of domestic buildings, nudging them closer to the subjective human experiences of their former inhabitants.