Carlie Trosclair
ACRE Exhibitions

Newish: new work by Carlie Trosclair
Slow Gallery
2153 W 21st St.
Chicago, 60608
August 9-23, 2014

"Carlie Trosclair made a series of works that she’s not shown before. She’s painted on some with gouache, layered some with fabric, and dug and scraped some things away. She’s tried her hand at making art in ways she’s not done before. Still, to call her work new seems preposterous. Carlie makes art about old spaces using old processes and often begins with old objects that she re-works. She finds places and things with crumbles and patinas, and she piles and layers until the theatrical layers and the uncovered and discovered layers are all the same layer and a new integrated whole. Ish."- Slow Gallery
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